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Whether you enjoy the clean look of an Iwagami scape, are attracted to the bright colors of a Dutch scape, or appreciate the natural beauty of a nature scape, designing the aquascape requires imagination. If you can imagine it we will help make it as simple as possible to create it.

Book a FREE Imagination consultation to help realize your vision. The plan includes the following:

  • 30 minute interactive Q&A where we will provide initial recommendations for designing and building your aquascape.
  • ​A bill of materials for recommended equipment purchase will be provided FREE of charge. 
  • Optional: Extend the discussion (1hr more) with an Image Plan to gain a detailed artistic sketch with recommended hardscape requirements, plant placement and wildlife recommendations. 
Design 1
The create process re-imaged by Blooming Aquatics
We offer complete aquarium setups that include everything you need to create your world at the most competitive prices. You simply choose the size of aquarium you want and you'll receive some of the highest quality products available in the industry including Landen Rimless Tanks, OASE Filters, Cal Aqua Glassware, and more. There's no need to spend hours doing research because we've done this for you. Our builds have been tested over years of caring and managing aquariums.

We offer a Create Plan to assist in building your aquarium setup. Our create plan is what separates us from any other service. We not only bring the equipment, we also bring living water and media to accelerate the cycling process. Along with our cycling accelerators clients will receive:
  • 2 Hour On-site Engagement (Available in San Francisco Bay Area Only), Virtual otherwise
  • Complete aquarium setup & testing
  • Hardscape Design, and Aquascape Creation
  • Follow-up monitoring for the first 2 weeks
Existing Hardscape & Aquascape Design Improvements (additional fees may be required)
* Tank & equipment must be purchased and on-site before create plan is executed


Build 1

(Currently available only in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA)

The maintenance phase re-imagined by Blooming Aquatics

The Live Plan alleviates the burden of weekly water changes and aquarium health inspections so that you can focus on enjoying your living world.
The Live Standard Plans is offered as a monthly maintenance package or 1-time visit fee. We bring our own RO Water and will replace plant, substrate, & media problem areas to ensure that your aquascape is optimized for life!
In addition the service includes the following:
  • 4 Water changes per month with RO water & re-mineralization
  • Algae control, plant trimming and fertilization
  • Filter & pipe cleaning with media re-vitalization
  • Plant & substrate revitalization
  • Wildlife illness treatments
  • Full replacement warranty for glassware, filters, tubes, lights (Must purchase via a 1-year Live Plan Term).
The Live Away Plan is perfect for those planning a vacation. We will include all of the above services for 2 weeks including daily feeding of your aquarium inhabitants. We'll alleviate the stress of leaving your tanks unattended.

Maintain 1
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