Why Tropica Aquatic Plants?

The question isn’t why Tropica aquatic plants but why not? Tropica was founded in 1970 by Holger Windelov and has been developing, producing, and selling aquarium plants, fertilizers, and aquarium equipment ever since. Suffice it to say they know their plants! Further, the company continuously conducts expeditions all around the world to discover new plants for our aquascaping obsession. However, not only do they push the envelope regarding exploration, but they also develop never before seen plants. Their goal is to produce new species of plants every year. Finally, their cultivation techniques are second to none as they innovated the concept of selling tissue culture plants for the aquarium world. All this innovation leads to a plant that is vibrant, free of disease, and other pests such as snails.

In researching vendors to supply me with plants, I was looking at four key requirements: plant selection, plant health, packaging, and delivery speed.

Plant Selection

Tropica has over 50 different types of plants available via their 1-2 Grow Tissue Culture cups and over 40 types of potted plants. This selection is easily one of the broadest of any plant producer within the United States. What is especially surprising is that most of these plants are cultivated at their headquarters in Denmark but make it to the United States in very healthy conditions. They also have a distribution and cultivation center in Canada which makes it more convenient to obtain and receive plants. Finally, not only will I provide a wide selection, you can go to the Tropica website to read up on the different varieties and view examples to gain great aquascape ideas.

Plant Health

My definition of plant health is one where the colors match those of a typical plant you would see in the wild. The plant should not contain dead or dying leaves and should be free of algae. Typically, I expect that every plant that I ship or receive should be in top shape. When selecting a vendor to supply plants, plant health upon receiving the plants is probably the top requirement. However, not only should the plant be vibrant in its color and algae free, but the aquatic plant should also be pest and disease free. In my experience as a hobbyist, I have also found it difficult to find a retailer that could guarantee that the plants I receive are pest free. Most retails and many wholesale suppliers do not guarantee that their plants are pest free. Tropica appears to be the only vendor to guarantee a pest free plant.


Most customers never think about the packaging of their plants. They simply go to the aquarium store and select whichever plant looks good or specifically the one they are after. However, as the retailer, packaging, and packaging options matter. First, having a vendor that can offer potted, emersed, or plants within tissue culture cups is huge. This means I can provide any preferred option to my customers. If they want a guaranteed disease, algae, pest free plant; tissue culture cups are the right choice. If they want a more mature plant or one that is grown out of water for a paladarium or vivarium, then a potted plant works best. Providing these options to my customers is of utmost importance when I am trying to differentiate my shop.

Delivery Speed

The last requirement I sought for when looking for a vendor was how quickly I can receive the plant from them. Given I am one of only a few retailers in the West Coast that offer Tropica plants, I was originally concerned that Tropica would not have a distribution center on this side of the country. However, as I mentioned they have a distribution center in Vancouver, Canada which makes receiving plants very convenient. I can receive an order the very next day which guarantees that any plants received by my customers are in tip top shape. My customers also have the option of pre-ordering plants. I want the plant received by my customers to be in their best shape and given the size of my shop, I may not be able to carry Tropica’s extensive list of plants all at the same time. However, if a customer pre-orders a plant on my website https://bloomingaquatics.com or comes to our retail shop at: 721 Camino Plaza, San Bruno, CA 94066. They can order a plant from me, and it will get to them within a week. Yes, that may be a little longer than Amazon, but they will receive the highest quality of product available on the market. Plus I’m a small-business still starting out so I hope you’ll understand.

In summary, Tropica plants should be your top option when you have decided on an aquatic plant to liven up your aquascape. You will receive a vibrant, healthy plant that can be easily planted directly into your own aquarium You won’t have to worry about quarantining or disinfecting your plant because it won’t contain algae, diseases, or pests (like snails).

For a full listing of available Tropica plants, check out our online store or if you are in the San Francisco Bay area come by our store: 721 Camino Plaza, San Bruno, CA 94066

Now if you can't get to the store, simply select your plant, add the total number of plants, and we’ll ship them directly. I hope you enjoyed reading and happy aquascaping!