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Light Up Your Tank without Breaking the Bank: Your Guide to a Budget-Friendly Aquarium Light

Updated: Jan 26

I've written before on how I recommend using Twinstar S-Series LED lights for my aquascapes as they provide the most effective PAR levels for keeping your aquatic plants alive. However, as I understand many do not want to make the initial investment given the high cost and for many who are new may not be fully committed to the hobby. There is another brand of lights that I do recommend for those on a budget. That brand is Finnex.

While we can go down the rabbit hole of comparing and contrasting, the various Finnex options I recommend the following light for those wanting to start an aquascape on a budget. These provide the right mix of PAR value and features to price to allow you to create the aquascape of your dreams.:

Finnex Planted+ 24/7 CRV Aquarium LED Light, Automated Full Spectrum 660Nm Deep Red Fish Tank Light, 24", Sleek Black, (CRV-24)

Why should Finnex LED lights be considered a good option? Here are a few great reasons I have found during my research:

1. They have a wide range of options: Finnex offers a variety of LED lights with different color temperatures and wattages to suit different aquariums and the needs of different plants and animals. Further, the automated full spectrum lights can be controlled via a phone app and offer ramp up and ramp down times to simulate the rising and setting of the sun.

2. They offer high PAR output: Finnex LED lights have a high PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) output, which is the amount of light that is available for plants to photosynthesize. This means that they are able to provide enough light for plants to grow well.

3. They have a sleek and modern design: Finnex LED lights have a modern and sleek design that adds aesthetic value to the aquarium. The slim design emulates that of Twinstar and helps to keep the minimilistic look acheived by Twinstar.

4. They are energy efficient: Finnex LED lights are energy efficient which can save money on electricity in the long run.

5. They have good customer reviews: Finnex LED lights have received positive reviews from customers who have used them in their aquariums.

When I think of why I like Twinstar lights, similar features are inherent within Finnex and should be a great option for the beginner aquascaper. One last item, while proper lighting is crucial to a successful aquascape, hobbyist must also remember that there are several other factors that contribute to success. We won't go into those details but it is important to remember the following key points to keeping plants alive.

1. Proper lighting: Aquatic plants need a specific range of light intensity, depending on the species. You should research the specific lighting needs of the plants you want to keep, and make