Landen Aquariums are an Underrated Choice

At their most basic, a fish tank is a simple glass box with an open top. The average person probably cannot tell the difference between fish tank brands or even care to do the research. If you can clearly see the aquatic life and aquascape, does the brand really matter? The answer is probably ‘No’. Therefore, how do you choose which aquarium is right for you? I like to think that choosing an aquarium is like choosing that high-quality diamond that you’re going to present to that special loved one. Ok, that may be a little bit of a stretch. However, if you consider the tank as your blank canvas, like an artist choosing the type of material they want to use to paint their masterpiece, the quality of aquarium makes a significant difference.

Therefore, how do you choose? Still, referring back to the diamond selection reference, there are a few parallels. I would consider the concept of the three (or four) Cs as part of the selection process: Clarity, Cut & Construction, and Cost


For clarity, glass is going to provide the best viewing environment over an acrylic aquarium. While there are many benefits to an acrylic aquarium, glass aquariums remain clear for longer and are scratch resistant. Further, when considering between glass aquariums, be mindful about the type of glass being used. If the vendor does not specifically state low iron glass with a minimum 91% visible light transmittance (VLT), steer clear. The good news is that all reputable rimless aquariums brands use this glass type.

Cut & Construction

Cut and Construction certainly go hand in hand. For the cleanest of lines, a rimless aquarium with smoothed edges, minimum glass thickness of 5-12 mm (depending on the size), and right-angled cuts are essential. I would steer clear of bended glass concepts as they give a distorted view that often distracts from the fauna and flora within the aquarium. Specifically with the edges a standard right-angle cut is used broadly however UNS has introduced an interesting concept of 45 degree mitered edge. In testing these aquariums, I prefer the standard edge given the 45 degree edge has a potential to introduce silicon bleeding if not applied well. However, either is acceptable for maximum viewing potential.

45 degree Mitered Edge vs Standard Right Angle Edge


While cost ultimately has to do with the size preference of the aquarium, most of the reputable brands are comparable in price. Ultimately, the deciding factor should be where you can find the best price. With that consideration, Blooming Aquatics offers Landen Aquariums and with our direct relationship with the vendor we can offer aggressive pricing.

With the top brands you simply can’t go wrong. We’ve compared the three brands we consider the best based on a standard 90P (90cm) comparison:


90P Dimension (in)

Glass Thickness (mm)

Volume (gal)

Low iron 91% VLT

Edge Cut









Landen Aquarium












45 degree


In my opinion, if you are looking for a high-quality rimless aquarium that will provide the clearest view, never-break construction and most importantly priced-well. We recommend purchasing a Landen aquarium. We offer all sizes to fit your needs and are currently offer most sizes at a steep discount.

Check them out in our store online or visit us in San Bruno, CA: Shop Landen Tanks