Imagine, Create, Live: Blooming Aquatics Aquascape Strategy

Updated: Sep 16

Eyes widen, mouth drops, an exclamation of awe, are typical first reactions when seeing a nature aquarium. Then come the comments and questions, “This is so beautiful! How is this even possible? Are these real plants? The tank is so impressive! I can sit and stare at this tank for hours.” And finally, the realization sets in, “Creating this tank must be so hard, there’s no way I can do that. Also, how many hours do you put into maintaining this tank? I don’t think I’d have enough time to keep this tank that clean!”

After seeing and hearing these comments, I’ve come to find that most people love the idea of having a Nature Aquarium in their home or business but fear it’s not possible given their lack of knowledge, budget, or time. When you consider the thousands of equipment options, aquascape design techniques, and livestock or plant combinations, it would take the average person several years to gain the knowledge to successfully set up a nature aquarium. The good news is that Blooming Aquatics’ Imagine, Create, and Live process alleviates these concerns and challenges.


The Imagine process focuses on your end goal. It’s the fun part of creating a Nature Aquarium. You get to decide how you want the aquarium to look, and which plants and animals you might want to care for. Our goal is to help you understand the possibilities, set the stage for expectations, and visualize the completed design. Over the past 30 plus years, we’ve been caring for aquariums, testing hundreds of setups, and streamlining the build and grow process so that you don’t have to go through the trial-and-error headache. Our goal is to bridge the knowledge gap and help unlock your imagination.


Once we have an idea of what your end goal looks like, aligning to our Create model is as simple as following our ABC’s

Step 1: Acquire

What really differentiates our Create model is that we only recommend products that we personally use. Offering more than that only creates confusion and uncertainty. We know what works and we want you to be successful. We’ve made acquiring the necessary products as easy as possible through our bundled aquarium kits. It’s everything you need to get setup quickly.

Step 2: Build

On setup day, we’re bringing everything you need including Conditioned Media and Living Water! Building the initial setup should only take a few hours but ensuring that the aquarium is properly cycled to safely introduce wildlife could take several weeks. We can accelerate this process by filling your filters with media that is teeming with beneficial bacterial and filling your aquarium with water that has already been cycled. Your plants will start establishing themselves and you’ll be able to add wildlife within a fraction of the normal time.

Step 3: Consult

Finally, while our Create model sets you up for success, nature sometimes requires that we adjust our plans. We will proactively check in during the initial phase of cycling and advise any changes when necessary. We want to be your partner in the long term. We are here to ensure that nature can flourish while advising how you can keep your aquarium clean and healthy.


According to a Yale study, it only takes 120 minutes for people being immersed in nature to feel healthier and has a stronger sense of well-being. The nature aquarium models these same benefits, with the key to maintaining these benefits being a clean and healthy tank. While many do find a calm (like gardening) in maintaining their aquariums, we have developed a set of Live Plans to help in events that you’d rather focus on simply enjoying a showroom quality aquascape. Our Live Plans provide the essential cleaning services, the security of equipment breakage replacement, and effective disease treatment to eliminate the risks of losing any of your aquatic inhabitants. Yet, our ground-breaking differentiation is our Aquascape Revitalization Process and RO Water Replacement.

  • Aquascape Revitalization Process is our process to replace dead or dying plants, substrate that is losing nutrients, or filter media that need a boost in beneficial bacteria. This is the safest and most effective way to ensure minimal algae build-up and an efficient running filter.

  • RO Water Replacement is the use of RO water when replacing water during maintenance. Changing water can be a sensitive task given the dramatic increases or drop in water parameters. We’ll bring in RO Water and manually re-mineralize your water so that the risks are dramatically reduced. The cost benefits of the RO Water Replacement alone make any Live Plan worth it.

At Blooming Aquatics, we’re changing the way many think about a Nature Aquarium. Whether you are inspired or need inspiration, have been keeping aquariums for years, or are just starting out, the beauty and serenity of a natural world within your home and office can be had by anyone through Blooming Aquatics. We are here to eliminate any concern or challenge you may have, just ask yourself, “Are you ready to bring nature home?”