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We started over 35 years ago, as kids, with a simple passion for caring for tropical fish and creating nature aquariums.


Over the years, we saw the calming, mood enhancing, and stress relieving effect that a planted tanks brought to homes and offices. We sought to make it easier for people to create their own aquscape. 


In providing aquascape ideas, such as iwagumi, diorama, jungle style. We wanted to provide an extensive selection of Tropica plants and hardscape materials for anyone to create their own little world.


From years of testing, building aquariums, and caring for aquatic life, we've partnered with the top brands to bring together a simple way to create an Aquascaped Aquarium. We developed the Imagine, Create, and Live process to help you create your own little world faster, at a higher success rate, and with minimal maintenance than you've ever thought was possible. Are you ready to bring nature home?

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